Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Buddies

The Kiepke family came to Tianjin the year after we did (5 years ago) and we discovered that Amelia, soon to be SIX has the same birthday as me - April 25. (We celebrated early) So every year we do something together. Her big sister, Cassia was EIGHT last month - so we all went out for pizza together along with their parents, Raelene and Eric. These girls are adorable as you can see. They know how to ask for the bill, or for a take out box, or napkins all in Chinese and love living in China.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun Piano Lesson

Anna is my best piano student. She is also my only one! Each Wednesday her mom brings her to my apartment for her weekly lesson. She's quick and very intelligent. I remember going to the orphanage when we first got here to China with Kristen, her mom, and seeing little Anna before she was even two-years-old shyly smiling at us. She was adopted by the Pollock family about four years ago and recently turned six years old and will be in 1st grade next August. We know many families here who have adopted Chinese children.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pizza with Little Friends

Every Tuesday some of us volunteers at the local orphanage take about seven kids out to Gold's Pizza, owned by a kindhearted Korean friend who pays for it all ! This week we had a fantastic time with these kids and they were so excited about the whole experience~ the taxi ride to the restaurant and being able to eat out, a very rare treat.

This little guy, who is mute, created this on his chopstick.

Here is the owner giving a little girl a new coat.