Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 2010 ~ Beginning of a Great New Year

One Sunday at our International Fellowship it snowed. Here are some excited University students from the Philippines playing in it for the first time. Saturday we went to a big electronics store and saw these cute little old ladies in the parking lot dancing. We couldn't figure out the occasion nor the brightly colored bows but they were so happy and seemed to enjoy dancing out in the cold weather !

Part of our lives here..getting in and out of taxis. We ride our bikes, too, but when it's a long way away we use taxis. Some of our most humorous and fun times are talking to taxi drivers. I really think we've learned a lot of our Chinese that way !
Four very special friends who come over occasionally for food and FOOD.
Three-year-old Moyer with his weekly Sunday doughnut.
The day Mark decided to walk to the bus stop. He usually rides his bike even on the coldest days, but it had just snowed and he decided to be safe.
Ice crystals forming on the inside of my kitchen windows. It must have been below O Fahrenheit.
Our two special friends Betty and Lydia.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chinese Wedding !!!

James Delzer and his bride JiaXi were married last Saturday here in Tianjin. They are both teachers at our school.
Here they are at the reception dressed in Chinese traditional clothes.
During the service he washed her feet as the bridesmaid sang "How Beautiful"
Very happy and cute couple. He has been in China for three years and does quite well with the language. He's from Minnesota, and she has never been to the USA. They hope to go for a visit next summer to visit his family.