Saturday, May 14, 2011

While walking through the park one day

I saw little children playing in the water fountains,

with their parents and grandparents

Then I saw a group of people singing some familiar songs and one of them waved me over to join them. What a blessing to be with these people from another province who had come to this famous park in Tianjin to sing and to share.   I don't know their names and will probably never see them again on this earth, but I know for sure they are my brothers and sisters and we will meet again when we all get HOME.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good times with the Kids in China

 Matthew, Lina, Samuel and Rebeca Reed came to see us in Tianjin, China on April 8 ~ all the way from Mexico to spend about three weeks with us.
After many hours of travel here they are walking towards our apartment.  It took about a week to get over jetlag.  They were very flexible and helpful and loved learning about the Chinese language and culture.
 One day we took a walk to a market that sells bicycles for all ages.   We got one for Rebeca and another one for Samuel.   They are foldable, so they ended up stuffing them in suitcases and taking them back to Mexico with them!

Samuel is in to soccer now, so found a little Chinese neighbor to play with.   Samuel got up with his dad to watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona
which played around 4 AM China time !

 This little girl was outside and her
mama saw how friendly Matthew was and placed her in his arms.   This happened several other times while they were here !
Riding bikes together to the school.
They loved playing Rummikub and we all
played together several times.  
Matthew and Rebeca strategizing.

(Stay tuned for more in next post)