Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Two Pianos

This week it finally happened. We had sold our piano and were buying another one from a friend who had already moved back to the USA.    

On Tuesday afternoon the switch was made.  Fortunately (for the four piano movers) it all happened in the same neighborhood.    

First they came to my place - Building 16- and carefully carried my piano down TWO flights of stairs, put it on a wheeled cart and rolled it all the way across to Building 3.    Our friends live on the FIFTH floor and have a narrow stairwell, but on the phone the movers assured her that it could be done.   It took 30 minutes for them to carry the 600+pound piano up to the fifth floor apartment.   As soon as they set it down, they collapsed on the floor exhausted.   (that's what my friend's housekeeper recounted)
Then they headed downstairs, back to Building 19 where the piano I had bought was located on the SECOND floor.   They proceeded to move that piano down two flights, and then up two flights to my SECOND floor apartment.

They were young strong Chinese men - and I was impressed with their stamina and endurance !!!   That was A LOT of work !     I wish I'd given them more than the small fee they had quoted earlier.   But, they smiled as they walked out the door......XIE XIE....Zai Jian !

All in a day's work !

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Latest Grandkid Pictures - Fall 2010 (5 of 13 grandkids)

Antonio  Joshua & Caleb Reed

Scarlet and Sophia Prescott

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Hour with Moyer

Once in awhile Moyer's mother, Kim, and I schedule a play date for him to come over to my place to just hang out with a "Grandma", since his Grandmas live so far away.   And you can be assured that I love playing with little kids.       So, this morning he came with a bag full of legos and a big smile.

 He liked my little bowling game - knocking over panda bears.

He brought out his legos and built a tower.
 And then it was time to go home over the bridge.    From Building 16 back to his apartment in Building 10.

 "We're almost to the fourth floor, Mrs. Prescott ! "