Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

We will soon be on our way to the USA for Christmas - after not seeing our LOVED ONES since last Feburary - First we go to California to see Dan, Danielle, Abby, and Aaron (our newest grandchild who was born on November 10 !)   We'll also visit other family and friends while there.  Then we will wing our way across the country to South Carolina for Christmas with some more of the gang.  Ouma (my mom) will be there, too, so we will be three generations for a few days !   Mark only has two short weeks of vacation so must get back to work in China on Jan 1.   Meanwhile I will take a trip to Mexico that was cancelled last summer, to see Matt, Lina, Samuel and Rebeca.  Then I will be in SC and GA for the month of January and part of February.   Tim and Allyson will have their 6th child in early February and have asked me to be there to help out - I said YES !   Mark and I will miss each other for six long weeks, but are thankful for this opportunity to be with family.  I am somewhat relieved to miss the LOUD fireworks of Chinese New Year (Mark LOVES it) and also the coldest part of the bitter northern China winter.   We have so much to be thankful for - God is good.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Walk Through Bethlehem

 The ECC (Early Childhood Center) had their annual Christmas program last night.  The three classes sang special songs for their families and friends.   I LOVE little kids !!!

Here are the little lambs getting ready to sing "Away in a Manger"

 Megan the little shepherd girl is loving this rehearsal !
 Here is Mrs. Boyer with her Kindergarten class.

 Little Joseph and Mary ~
 The little lambs were having way too much fun ...
 The angels singing a lullaby.

 Kindergarten class singing Away in a Manger no crib for a bed

Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa's lap

Borrowed from my friend, Kim Smith's blog  

santa's lap

Moyer and Keturah dressed up in their Christmas best on Saturday for a picture on Santa's lap.

Every year the international school hosts a Christmas bazaar, and as long as Mr. Prescott has been around, he's posed as Santa for this festivity.  We ordinarily know Mr. Prescott as a faithful teacher and honest neighbor, so there's no stranger anxiety at play here for either of our kids.  And although Keturah's not looking thrilled, we're chalking that up to the cold she was coming down with, not our friend in the red suit.

At least this year we didn't make the same mistake we did last year!

Last year, we dressed up both the kids, then on our way to the bazaar realized that Moyer had no context for being expected to sit on Santa's lap.  He was two and a half, and hadn't been exposed to any Santa media.  Wanting to use this wonderful "we-dont'-live-in-the-West" opportunity to introduce Santa to Moyer personally (instead of through commercials, cartoons, and Santa decor), we realized that a five minute cab ride really wasn't sufficient for the whole Saint Nikolaus story.  Still wanting to pose with Santa for a picture, though, we told him this:

"When we get to the bazaar, Moyer, there will be a very tall Christmas tree, and Christmas carols, and treats to eat, and do you know what else?  Mr Prescott!  He's going to be wearing a special red Christmas suit, and you get to sit on his lap and get your picture taken with him!"

And it worked just fine.

But this time, we remembered the night ahead of time, and Patrick told Moyer all about St. Nick.  Can you believe that at three and a half, our little boy when asked, "Do you know who Santa Claus is?" had no idea?

We're grateful for the chance to introduce the history, charity, and generosity behind this jolly character to our kids.

We're grateful as well for the jolly character (and lap!) of Mr. Prescott.  A fine-Father-Christmas-figure, indeed.

Santa's Lap Outtakes:
~This is the most engaged Keturah looked, but Moyer missed the photo op!~
~Moyer's version of "smile!" while Keturah's concerned with her stuffy nose!~
~Santa lovingly telling Keturah to take her fingers out of her nose for the picture.  Our poor girl was really stuffed up!~