Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Fun with the Kids 2009

Little Timmy loves to watch his parents milk the cow twice a day. Tim and Allyson milk "Hallie" the cow every morning and evening.

Uncle John greets Hannah after a long time.

Hannah picked lots of strawberries

Jamie and Mark after church
At the strawberry patch with a bunch of cousins and aunts and uncles in the great state of Georgia (where I was born many years ago !!)

Caleb hands a huge strawberry to Uncle John
Caleb Reed, 3 years old

John gives milk to the lambs - Stormy, Sunny, and Rainy

John's favorite lamb is Stormy
Ice cream at McDonalds on a Sunday afternoon in South Carolina

Jamie and Heidi's three sons Antonio, Joshua and Caleb
Aunt Bethany loves here nieces and nephews

John at the end of our strawberry picking time

Scarlet and Sophia- twin daughters of Craig and Leah Prescott

I had more fun watching the grandkids pick strawberries than actually picking them. It was a definite "grandma memory"

Swimming pool on the deck on a hot day
The twins
John barbecuing shish-kebobs in the rain.