Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cookies for Mr. Prescott !!!

On two different days in the past week we have been blessed with some little friends bringing cookies to help Mr. Prescott feel better.    First we got a phone call from 6 year old Elizabeth asking if he was allergic to anything, and then if we would be home that night.  No and Yes.    Elizabeth, along with her older sister, Rebecca came over, accompanied by their Dad, with mittens, warm hats, and scarves and a plate of Christmas cookies.  You see, Mr. Prescott is the school's SANTA every year, and they remember !!    They presented him with a big plate of cookies they decorated and talked each other into continuing their plan of singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year".  Their mom told us that it was all their idea.  She had just suggested that they pray for Mr. Prescott.    What special people we are surrounded with !!

THEN, we got an e-mail from Moyer and Keturah's mom asking what Mr. Prescott liked.   We finally decided on Chocolate Chip Cookies  (yes,  WE....I helped him in his decision making process).   So on Tuesday morning around 10 AM the doorbell rang and there they were with the cookies.   I had kept Moyer here fifteen months ago when he was not yet two and I'm not sure he's been back.  BUT he remembered that I let him watch some Thomas the Train episodes on my computer and asked me about it.  Even taking my hand and asking if we could do it again.  What a memory this kid has !     SO, we did say we would plan a time soon when he can come over for a date to hang out with us to watch Thomas the train (on YouTube).
So, while we aren't able to be with our grandkids this summer....we are enjoying and loving on someone else's grandkids.   What blessings from the Lord !   Our lives are in His hands and we follow joyfully.

A Day at the Beach

Featuring Grandkids Hannah, Lauren, and Timmy and their sweet Mama.  Papa Tim stayed at home with little James and of course had many chores to do at the farm.   It surely would be fun to run on the beach with them some day.  Until then we are really enjoying the pictures they send of their day in Charleston, South Carolina !!!!