Sunday, July 27, 2008

So many

Last fall I had the privilege of subbing for a kindergarten class and here is what I wrote about it.
(that was before I started this blog). This year I will be the Music teacher for Kindergarten !

Yesterday I subbed for the seven kids in Mr. Balzer's Kindergarten class. There are no native English speakers but they all do quite well. Except for some adjectives.

In discussing Noah's ark: "God send so many many rain."

Looking outside the window: "Over there so many snow ! ! !"

"My mommy said to drink so many water today"

Then Andy put on Jessica's cute little black hat, and when he took it off she
quickly blew on the inside and wrinkled up her nose and said:
"I wish there are no head lice in here."

It was so hard to correct them.....maybe I wouldn't make a good REAL Kindergarten teacher because I think they are TOO cute. Just like I loved hearing my own kids say things like,
"I didn't did it." ....and they changed and started saying it right ! ! !

With so many love to you,

Saturday, July 26, 2008

John helping the Mongols protect us all

Twins Scarlet and Sophia

Summertime in South Carolina ~ Sophia and Scarlet (also called "Red" and "Curly" by their Mom) are going to be two in October. They are our #9 and #10 grandchildren.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monday at McDonalds

Last Monday two friends and I took these little boys from the local orphanage to lunch at a nearby McDonalds. Here we are with our translator who works at the orphanage. Most of the time when I visit I spend time with the little ones. I sit on the floor and play with babies, anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. Many of these have from mild to severe handicaps. They are so lovable and starved for hugs and smiles. So being with these older kids was special to me, too !

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Abby !

Abby Prescott is our very first grandchild, born 7 years ago to Dan and Danielle in California. We saw her when she was just 11 days old. She is a vivacious, fun-loving and very smart girl and loves anything to do with princesses. She has long curly blonde hair and green eyes.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Rebeca !

Rebeca Reed was four last month. She is the daughter of Matt and Lina Reed. Her big brother Samuel is six. Rebeca speaks Spanish and English fluently and loves to laugh and dance.
What a cutie !

Joshua is FOUR !

Joshua Reed, second born son of Jamie and Heidi Reed turned four in May. With his winning smile and charming personality he loves playing with his brothers, Antonio and Caleb. He lives in Columbia, SC with his folks (of course). He is adorable !!!

Happy Birthday Leah !

Leah, our precious daughter-in-law..wife to Craig and mama to Scarlet and Sophia who will be two in October. She's smart, has a great sense of humor and is a great cook.
Most of all she is committed to being what God wants her to be. We love you!

Happy Birthday Dan !

Dan had a birthday in June ~ I got behind in my blogs about birthdays but we didn't forget ! He was 32 this year. Firstborn son of Mark and Candi Prescott, married to Danielle, and father to Abby. He is the Principal of a private Christian school. He is easy-going, very intelligent and loves his family. They live in Brentwood, California.

First Family Visit ~ John and Bethany Reed !

That's right ! John and Bethany came for a two week visit in early June. We went to the
village school I go to every Tuesday, toured Tianjin a little -where they sharpened their bargaining skills, and enjoyed hanging out in our neighorhood.
The highlight was the trip to the Great Wall with Murphy and Nicole.